archents is driven by a centralized and collaborative shared services structure.

We work on the social or private cloud, independent of channel and device. A flexible team of engineers and strategists executes our end-to-end service. We work remotely and on-site as a hydrid consultant and enterprise specific specialist.

Decision support management

archents supports the time-sensitive decision making process with meta and empirical data, delivered as contextual intelligence. Stakeholders in turn pinpoint and solve problems through this data-driven system.

Enterprise content management

archents content management streamlines content driven processes through organization, storage, and secure extraction. Additionally, self service options provide a continuous stream of updated documents and other information to key stakeholders, who in turn guide business decisions.

Business process management

archents enables an enterprise to optimize its BPM through a holistic approach to engineering and deployment, customized for a flow of business activities that are inherently connected and moving towards a common business transaction.

Enterprise applications management

Composite applications are correlated in real time for optimal performance across multiple hosts in the public and private domain. Our architecture also allows for a hybrid cloud application to integrate with an on-site system, or meet additional business specifications.

Enterprise data management

Data management is three dimensional, encompassing meta, master, and empirical data. Beyond defined retrieval and compliance, archents looks at future phases of migration and growth. A robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) offer the necessary assurance for a self-sustaining partnership from a strategic enterprise’s perspective.

Enterprise portal management

By creating a centralized point of access customized to a user profile, archents brings the enterprise one step closer to a fully unified and collaborative workplace. archents framework can be implemented for internal stakeholders, external partners, and relevant community members.

Enterprise quality management

Each step of the value chain is considered in our quality management build, from concept and product engineering to commercialization. Quality metrics and data collection are automated, with regression and failure modes (FMEA) integrated into the service.