The globe has been flattened with globalization. People and goods travel seamlessly across the seven continents as trade barriers seem to be lowering every day in pursuit of economic growth. At the same time, the flow of finance and goods is overridden by the flow of data and information.

It does not matter what the form of transportation is or the part of the world it is from.

The internet connected economy supported by the Internet of Things (IoT) needs data, information and intelligence to flow at a fraction of the time that the previous generations were accustomed to.

In a time where opportunities and threats co-exist, there is reason to feel optimistic about the scope of intelligent and secure transactions, and how they can bring cultures together to share and prosper.

archents is ideally positioned to serve the logistics and transportation sector with the shared services approach that allows companies to globally innovate and grow; demanding localized components whether it is in the form of customer outreach or intelligence or simply information

The industry is largely data and intelligence driven and archents is suited with an integrated approach to master, meta and empirical data yielding contextual intelligence.