Healthcare is democratized through digital influence. There is a proliferation of health technology in the form of wearable devises and diagnostic devises that are allowing individuals to become more responsive to the ways in which they manage their health.

An unparalleled transformation is due in the healthcare sector as a consequence of the digital economy. Healthcare for the first time is becoming global, evidenced in the investments made by the american healthcare industry.

There are immediate challenges behind the long term vision of digital healthcare that need to be addressed with more urgency. archents is geared to support customers in:

  • The conversion from ICD 8 to ICD 10 and the implementation of SNOMED - CT.
  • Renewing the practice management in the context of digital technologies with processes connecting the customer.
  • The creation of a more comprehensive digital health record (DHR) that is supported by HL7 supported clinical records management.
  • The integration of the service management process with patient care management that is HL7 compliant in healthcare institutions.
  • The connected ecosystem via a unified process that allows reliable collaboration between medical and non-medical professionals.

archents has solution frameworks around personal health management, professional practice management and institutional care management processes that can be delivered in a shared services approach, making it an on-demand service. When the industry and process combine to integrate health, medical, and information technology, archents can aide in crossing the current morass into the promised sphere of digital healthcare.