archents operates outside conventional outsourcing and onsiting in order to meet strategic business objectives of its Customers On- Demand. ​

A 2016 digitization study published by the McKinsey institute reveals that data flows across international borders are becoming more prominent than trade and finance flows. A 45X surge in data flows between 2005 – 2014 has had numerous effects on business intelligence: ​

  • Large multinationals scale growth through access to markets and collaborators globally.
  • Over 80% of startups have access to the same markets and suppliers as larger multinationals, in addition to increased investment. Scale is nothing; innovation is everything.
  • There are over a billion active Facebook users, and an additional 10 million on Alibaba and 2 Million on Amazon. And they are changing the face of business transaction. Managing customer demand is passive, we need to create demand in this new marketplace.
  • Individuals work, learn, communicate and play across international borders and their numbers are fast approaching 1 billion. Engagement and Experience dictates the cycle of acquisition to loyalty across the value chain.


The Networked universe is now looking for Agile ways in which Products, Processes and Projects can Create Demand and fulfill them concurrently for Customers globally. This involves an ecosystem and that is connected on a Cloud and Technology & Applications are both Physical as well as Virtual. From Concept to Cash there is very little difference between the Operational and Innovation Platforms that were distinctly separate in the earlier economic era.

archents by inference is offering the option for Customers to move quickly from Conceptualization to Commercialization of Business Models and Applications on a Platform that is Secure, Collaborative and Compliantly Risk Assured to facilitate the Global Strategic Objectives of the Customer in world that is Social, Mobile, Digital and Cloud based converging Content, Computing and Communications.


Product Engineering and Management have undergone a dramatic change irrespective of industry. Gone are the times of shrink wrapped products that arrived and the customers bought. In the present times it has become imperative for Customers to be involved in all the four stages of a Product Life Cycle; Concept Engineering, Product Engineering, Industrialization and Commercialization. The demand is for a highly collaborative exchange that is driven by Intelligence, Content and Compliance.

archents is pioneering this new approach to Value Creation that demands a very Predicative and Responsive approach on a global basis and as a continuous process to sustain growth and thrive in every shade of economic and political environment. Cloud is the first Course. The next is being able to connect the Internet of Things (IOT) with Business & Technology; thereby enabling integration more seamlessly between Product, Process (Customers) and Enterprise (Operations with respect to Structure, Systems & Compliance) with the global availability to service 24*7*365.


Business Process Management and Maintenance is the most dynamic and critical of activities that will enable an enterprise thrive and succeed in this digital economy. Because the Perceptions of Value along the five dimensions of Quality, Cost, Delivery (Time), Service (Empathy) and Flexibility (Anywhere, Anytime) need to be engineered and managed on a real-time basis continuously and concurrently to business as usual.

archents is offering the Shared Services approach that is the most recommended for technology services companies because Customer Enterprise need to Transform and Innovate continuously in pursuit of growth. Customers however have the option of creating this environment on their premise or seek offerings on-demand. The intent is to enable Agility in the entire Cycle of Concept to Commercialization; with appropriate skills and resources while managing costs effectively without compromising on end goals and objectives of the Customer organization.


Projects can be executed with productive precision when the above environment is available either on the premise of the Customer or when the Customer chooses to use the archents environment. What is critical is that the project environment is automated to move seamlessly across Design, Development, Testing, Training, Delivering and Measuring for Business Performance as a seamless enterprise process without causing dysfunction to the enterprise operations.

archents delivers with its approach to Program & Project Management being process enabled. This means the environment is automated with tools, methodologies, templates and techniques customized to each customer to bring a uniform approach on delivering to an agreed Frame of Reference and being monitored in real-time so that course alterations can be undertaken with agility.