Top of the Food Chain
Agility is first of all a mindset. It is a discipline and not a drill. It is about pride and not vanity. It is also about being preapred for any eventuality. This is what generates the speed and the strength.

A powerful narrative is very critical for being Agile. That becomes the theme and motivation and many a times an inspiration as well. Role Models and Mentors play a great role in teams staying the course and believing in themselves.

Agility is undoubtedly a product of design and not an accident. It is both Physical and Psychological. The reasoning needs to be understood to shape the outcomes and many a times there would be need for course alterations that can only be achieved with thinking and acting.

It is about continuously finding the strenghts and weaknesses of the team and being able to improve the threshold of capability. Team work that is achieved through collaboration is based on mutual respect and a perspective of Contribution.